Curved Tweezers 8 Inch

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  • Curved-tip tweezers measure 8 inch
  • Tweezers for plating (presenting, arranging on a plate) small and delicate foods like caviar, kernels of corn, pine nuts and cranberries; herbs with thin stems (cilantro, parsley); grape or cherry tomatoes; bite-size appetizers / hors d'oeuvres / finger foods; diced or thinly sliced vegetables; or small cake decorations or toppers (chocolate chips, dragées, edible pearls, edible gems, mini figurines)
  • Curved tip enables placement of object from different angles; micro-serrations on inside of tips give an anti-slip grip on objects; serrations on handle give an anti-slip grip to your hand; slimness of tweezers makes it easy to hold and reach inside tight spaces; shortness of tweezers gives your hand extra control of objects picked up or put down
  • Multipurpose tweezers with narrowness letting them reach and take object out of a space too narrow to get your fingers through; use to remove or grip small items like fish bones or for spearing pickles or picking up food or non-food items out of a mixture
  • Essential kitchen tool built from a single piece of sturdy stainless steel with comfortable ergonomic shape and tip extra fine but blunt enough to be safe to touch, with firm hold on food to keep it from sliding out of tweezers; glossy metallic-colored eye-catching food-safe exterior to add color to your kitchen or to serve as reminder to use only for specific foods, whether chicken or meat or fish or salad; tweezers delivered with soft plastic ring holding tips together